Why create Scorpion Fit Company?

Scorpion Fit has always been a dream of mine. As a personal trainer who has dedicated their whole life to fitness I’ve met many people who worry over what outfit to wear to the gym, which will help them feel confident and ready for the gains. Like many people I need to feel on point in my outfit to get that successful workout. That’s why Scorpion Fit was created to allow all of our members not only to get a great workout but look great too. 

Why choose the scorpion to represent your brand?

The scorpion is a representation of honor and fearlessness. Scorpions are known not to be a threat, but when one feels threatened they will attack with a vicious and venomous sting. This badass creature is a symbol to people who live their lives without fear and is why we adopted the scorpion for our brand. We want our members to feel strong and powerful when they wear our product, no matter the activity. Whether it’s getting a pump at the gym or jogging on the ocean shore our members never back down from a challenge. 

What makes Scorpion Fit Company different?

Scorpion Fit is not like any other company out there. We run solely on our members’ passion for fitness. Our message is to show how strong and fearless our scorpions are, and that means you. Yes, you! It doesn’t matter if you’re lifting 1,000 pounds or running a marathon, our passion is to fuel your passion. While also bringing out your strengths and outcasting your weaknesses through our clothes. Being a company established in Miami, FL by Cuban-American owners, we plan to not only show our strengths but give you a little Hispanic taste too. 

What is our mission?

Our mission is to continue to build a family business that will be loved and well known worldwide. Where our members are a part of our Scorpion family and create a strong community oflike-mindedd individuals. As a business we promise to always supply affordable and quality clothing that will fuel our Scorpion families’ passion and allow them to express themselves. Scorpion Fit is and always will be determined to help you reach limits you never thought possible.