Scorpion Fit Company LLC

Scorpion Duffle Bag


Water proof duffle bag. Perfect for gym, travel, or any other needs. 

Extremely durable and great quality!


100% Nylon

This duffle bag has 5 pockets. 

One pocket in the front that could be used to store smaller items like keys, phone, clips etc... 

The pocket on the right side could be used to store larger items like shoes, sandals, water bottles etc...

The pocket on the left side in a basic zipper pocket to fit small to medium sized items. 

Then you have the first top large zipper that is completely water proof plastic pocket. In this pocket you could put any wet clothes, towels etc...

Lastly you have the largest pocket on the top which could carry all of your larger items such as clothing, weight belts, pre-workouts etc...

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